Isabel Errington




Isabel became a FertilityCare practitioner (her dream job!) because she wanted to share with women and couples a natural, holistic and liberating approach to fertility. She has experience teaching the system to couples trying to achieve pregnancy, couples who are avoiding pregnancy, and single women who wish to learn about their cycles to help better understand their bodies and monitor their health. Isabel has a BA in Theology and has worked in education for several years. As well as teaching the Creighton Model System to clients, she is available to give general talks and presentations on FertilityCare or Natural Family Planning to groups, including in parishes and schools.

Servicing Area:

Based in Oxford. Teaches clients in person local to her home. 

Remote session available over skype for those further afield. 

Teaching availability:

Teaches clients week days and evenings, and weekends.


Fluent in English.

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