Amanda Buadi




I am a medical doctor and a trained Creighton Model FertilityCare Practitioner.
I first became interested in natural methods of fertility awareness in medical school. During my medical training it was incredible how little we were taught about natural methods of managing gynaecological abnormalities and infertility, with the emphasis being on hormonal treatments and in-vitro fertilisation.
As a patient, I have been to NHS gynaecologists who rather than wanting to get to the root of any issues, wanted to start me on hormonal treatment – masking rather than treating the problem. I was offered no natural alternative and the consultations did not feel very personal. I realised that there was potentially a population of women (like me) who were not being served by the NHS and by my commitment to providing a caring, tailor made, holistic approach to fertility and gynaecology for every client, I want to contribute toward changing that.

Servicing Area:

Hampshire and London. Teaches clients in person local to her home. 

Remote session available over skype for those further afield. 

Teaching availability:

Teaches clients week day evenings and Saturdays


Fluent in English

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