Client Testimonials

“We were told that we would need a miracle…it was an amazing journey of faith, hope and trust for us and we feel very blessed to be given three beautiful children.” 

~ Mrs & Mrs C. 

“We had our doubts at the beginning about the system, especially because I’m a doctor and I thought I knew everything I needed in order to become pregnant. Still we tried with our knowledge, for a year and a half with no success. Then we got introduced to the Creighton Model with our Practitioner and after our third follow-up we conceived!

We used a lot of smartphone applications in addition to our knowledge but it did not compare to the programme of the Creighton System and having someone to guide us through our journey. The beauty about the system is that it is natural, there is no technology, just you and the heightened knowledge that you gain about your own body and a simple paper chart. We are deeply thankful to our practitioner and God for this gift. We can’t wait to hold our baby!” 

~ Mr & Dr B.

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