Margaret Neale


Certified Practitioner and Educator


I have been married for 46 years and have 2 (adult) children and 2 grandsons. I have been teaching the Creighton Model System for 20 years and training new Practitioners for 13 years on national and international training programmes. I am a teacher by profession. Being a Practitioner/Educator has enabled me to help women and couples understand the wonderful gift that is fertility and to see couples growing closer together as they learn about their fertility has been very worthwhile and rewarding. The Creighton Model is the most accurate system for charting fertility that I know and it has been a privilege and a joy for me to teach it.

Servicing Area:

South Yorkshire / Derbyshire

Remote session available over skype for those further afield. 

Teaching availability:

Teaches clients weekday evenings, weekdays in the day and Saturdays


Fluent in English Intermediate level French.

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