Maria O’Brien




Maria has long had an interest in natural methods to regulate fertility and has practised natural family planning throughout her marriage. She has experience of both the Billings and Sympto-Thermal methods, prior to practising and training in the Creighton Method. Married since 2006 and with three children, Maria believes that as well as the power of the Creighton Model as a tool for achieving pregnancy and regulating fertility, it brings many benefits to women in explaining the uniqueness of their bodies. It also enhances the quality of marital relationships by enabling communication and sensitivity, and wonder at the great gift of fertility and how we can work naturally to protect it and, where there are difficulties, nurture it to achieve a solution. Maria has a Masters Degree in Theology and is available for teaching during the weekday and can arrange for some evening appointments if needed.

Servicing Area:

Based in Guernsey. Teaches clients on Channel Islands and across the UK. 

Remote session available over skype. 

Teaching availability:

Teaches clients week days in the day. Tuesday and Thursday evenings.


Fluent in English

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